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Preemie Hero' Jamie Defied Medics And Is Now Gifted Old Kilpatrick Toddler With Incredible Intelligence

Preemie Hero' Jamie Defied Medics And Is Now Gifted Old Kilpatrick Toddler With Incredible Intelligence

His mum, Lorraine, was left heartbroken after her placenta failed 20 weeks into her pregnancy - with doctors expecting him to pass away in the womb.

However eight weeks later Jamie was delivered - safely - despite weighing just 1lb 8oz.

Now, as a healthy, happy three-year-old, the little brainbox from Old Kilpatrick is blowing people away with his intelligence - demonstrating the maths ability of someone well in advance of his years.

Last Wednesday (November 17) marked World Prematurity Day, with Jamie’s loving mum Lorraine branding him “a little miracle” - as she opened up to the Lennox about his story.

Lorraine said: “Jamie was born at 28 weeks and he was absolutely tiny. He weighed just 1lb 8oz.

“It was a miracle we even got to 28 weeks as I had been told at 20 weeks my placenta had failed, my baby wasn’t growing properly and he would pass away in utero in a matter of days

“Jamie proved them all wrong by hanging on and then coming out fighting.

“It was funny, at my 20 week scan I was told that he was a girl.

“I named her Freya and started a blog called Fighting For Freya for the eight weeks where I was in limbo.

“Jamie then popped out. It was just another surprise!

“We spent 11 weeks in neonatal care at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children and thankfully had a lovely, smooth journey where he grew and thrived.”

Jamie didn’t just thrive in a hospital environment, as he quickly demonstrated that he was a gifted learner.

Lorraine continued: “I noticed he was really good at counting to 10 and reciting the alphabet, but I didn’t know it was that unusual.

“It was his nursery in Glasgow at the time who alerted me that it wasn’t expected of them until age four.

“It just snowballed after that. Next thing he was counting past 100 and doing sums.

“Now we’re on to times tables and fractions.


He turned three in September and what is even more miraculous is that he has recently been assessed as being a gifted child with the maths ability of an eight-year-old.

“He can count into the thousands, has learned his times tables and does simple mental arithmetic.

“He’s completely self taught. He started just after his second birthday.”

And it’s not just maths that Jamie, who attends Gavinburn EEC, is excelling in - as he makes the most of his German heritage.

Lorraine explained: “He also has the literacy of a five or six-year old, being able to read and spell basic words and recognise all letters in and out of sequence.

“He has an incredible ability. He can also count in multiple languages and has been able to for a while now.

“My dad was German so we were keen to teach him some of that too.

“He’s definitely our preemie hero.”


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