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Va. Nurses Dress NICU Babies In Adorable Turkey Costumes To Celebrate Thanksgiving: 'Their First Holiday'

Va. Nurses Dress NICU Babies In Adorable Turkey Costumes To Celebrate Thanksgiving: 'Their First Holiday'

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the NICU nurses at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, Virginia, decided to get festive by dressing up their newborn babies in turkey costumes.

The adorable outfits featured a brown knit hat with a set of eyes, an orange beak and colorful feathers, as well as a brown knit bottom with feathers attached on the back.

"I love working in the NICU, especially during the holidays," NICU nurse Lisa Ransier said in a statement. "We understand that during these moments many families want to be at home with their babies, and so we hope to make the holidays continue to feel joyous by dressing up these little ones and helping our parents feel as at home as possible."


According to Ransier, dressing their young patients up in costumes during the holidays has become an ongoing tradition at the hospital.

While it has certainly brought joy to the baby's parents, the staff who treat the newborns have also thoroughly enjoyed the process.

"When I'm in the NICU around the holidays, I get excited because it means I get to help dress up the babies and make their first holiday extra special, while also continuing to make sure everyone is as happy and healthy as possible," Ransier said. "Our families are always so happy when we bring costumes in and often help us with the process — it's become a fun way for parents to bond with the baby and be festive."



"We love to get creative with festive onesies and costumes," Ridley continued. "Even our volunteers have gotten involved in the fun and have knitted hats, costumes, and even made little stockings to put the babies in on Christmas."

"As a long-time Riverside nurse, it's become one of my favorite traditions," she added. "And, one I think helps new team members immediately feel part of the team, as it's incredibly fulfilling to help our families start their new beginning and celebrate their first holiday together. We're beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of that moment."



In a post on Facebook, Riverside Regional Medical Center, which first shared their story with Good Morning America, said they were extra thankful this year for those five babies.

"There is plenty to be thankful for this year, including these little turkeys who arrived just in time for the holiday!" they wrote in their post. "Our tiniest patients got into the holiday spirit to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. A special thank you to the nurses at Riverside Regional Medical Center for making this holiday extra special for these little ones and their parents."

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